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Master’s degree in Engineering – Agriculture and Food Processing - Sandwich course : Company sponsored TAUGHT IN FRENCH

I²FA trains international managers.

VintageMaster International Vintage – ESA

International Vintage Master: 2-year programm on vine, wine and terroir management, full time TAUGHT IN ENGLISH

Become an expert in the wine industry; from the study of natural terroirs to the analysis of consumer behaviour

MSc Food Identity

Master Food Identity: 2-year programme of Higher education in both Food Science and agribusiness for local and traditional food products, full time, TAUGHT in English and in French

Become an expert in the development of local and traditional food products

img doubledegree

Master’s degree in Agronomy– Double Degree TAUGHT IN FRENCH

Only for students from our partner universities, with a Double Degree agreement, see the list here


Sorry, this MSc International Agribusiness is closed until the intake of September 2023

Master of Science International Agribusiness, full time, 2 semesters, English and French-taught program

A 2 semester MSc to build and develop business relationships in the fields of the agro and food industry worldwide

Master's degree full time

Master’s degree in Agronomy TAUGHT IN FRENCH

BE CAREFUL, the process has changed ! Please refer to the extract here at the bottom of the page (written in French)

A 2-year tailored course (120 Credits), 6 majors offered, covering all the professional domains in agriculture, food technology and marketing, environment, animal production and crop production.

Master 2 Man-imal

FROM ANIMAL TO MAN: Analysing and Managing Health and Food Risks

MAN-IMAL 2nd-year Master’s degree: Full time course totally TAUGHT IN ENGLISH