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Deadline I²FA program

Recruitment has been successfully done for: Ukrainian candidates, Indian candidates, Brazilian candidates, American candidates, South African candidates, Botswana candidates, and Turkish candidates.

Application deadline:  June 15th, 2020

Algeria: Bsc or Msc in Animal production or any related fields


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Master’s degree in Engineering – Agriculture and Food Processing - Sandwich course : Company sponsored TAUGHT IN FRENCH

I²FA trains international managers.

ESA offers a company-sponsored Master's degree program to students who would like a career in the Dairy sector.

According to the field of French companies requiring students with a background in Food Sciences, Agronomy, Food production, Animal sicence, Veterinary science or microbiology, students will earn a Master of Science in Engineering from Ecole Superieure d'Agricultures Angers-Loire (ESA) after 2 academic years of receiving high level training in technical and managerial competencies on half-time at ESA and half-time in the French company with a tutor for the professional skills.

This is a unique opportnity to develop skills both in a major institution of higher eductation in the fiels of Life Sciences and in an international company, the goal is to become future manager, after 2 years, once back in the home country.

Admission requirements: Candidates must have:

  • A completed Bsc or Msc with minimum of 180 ECTS in one of the following domains :
    • Agronomy, Animal science, Veterinary science(depending of requests of the French company)
    • or Food Sciences, Agronomy, Food production, Microbiology (depending of requests of the French company)
  • A strong motivation for a career in industry
  • A certified B2 level in English (equivalent of 700 points in TOEIC)
  • A desire to learn new cultures and a new language (French)
  • a real capacity to overcome challenges and to develop new competencies
  • an experience abroad would be appreciated
  • PLEASE NOTE: NO FRENCH REQUIRED TO APPLY -as an Intensive French course is offered prior to the Master course

European and non-European applicants must be under 25 on September 1st 2020 to apply

In case of admission by both ESA and the French firm after the final admission process, applicants will be asked to provide their highest diploma translated into French by a sworn translator to ESA.

Brochure: MSc I²FA brochure 2018

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