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Deadline International Vintage Master

Master International Vintage – ESA

  • 1st recruitment session: February 1st, 2022
  • 2nd recruitment session: April 1st, 2022

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VintageMaster International Vintage – ESA

International Vintage Master: 2-year programme on vine, wine and terroir management, full time TAUGHT IN ENGLISH

Become an expert in the wine industry; from the study of natural terroirs to the analysis of consumer behaviour

The International Vintage Master's degree seeks to provide students with a comprehensive overview of the wine industry, from soil to consumer. 

The objective is to help students acquire scientific, cultural and economic knowledge as well as the technical and strategic skills of grape growing and ripening, wine production and marketing.

The course is coordinated by the Ecole Supérieure d'Agricultures (ESA) in Angers (France) with an international consortium and students will study in France, Italy and Portugal.

CREDITS or ECTS (European Credit Transfer System): ESA delivers 60 ECTS on 2 semesters and each partner universities 30 ECTS. The total of 120 ECTS allows students to graduate a Master "Sciences et technologie de l'agriculture, de l'alimentation et de l'environnement" accredited by the "Ministère de l'Education Nationale" (décret 20170963) and the "Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation" as a "Diplôme National de Master" (DNM) and co-delivered by ESA and University of Angers.

For the intake in September 2021, the program starts at ESA Angers-France by a preparation session for all international students from 26 August 2021 to 3 September 2021.

The International Relations Office of ESA will help students with visa applications and accomodation.

For more information, visit our website: www.vintagemaster.com

For more information about our study programme: http://www.vintagemaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/MSc-Vintage-Student-Guide_2018.pdf

Who can apply?

To attend this master course, students must have successfully completed a bachelor degree in science, economics or marketing.

Candidates will also be asked to prove their interest in the wine sector.

Since English is the official language of the programme, a good English speaking and writing ability is necessary (Level B2 of the Common European Framework ). This language requirement is not required for students whose mother tongue is English or who have completed their undergraduate studies in English.

Selection process:

1st step: Examination of fully completed application forms
2nd step : Oral interviews by skype (30-45 minutes) with the academic committee for pre-selection candidates
3rd step : Academic committee make public the admitted students
4th step : Admission letters
5th step : payment of a 500 euros deposit by admitted students
6th step : certificate of enrolment

Tuition fees for one academis year (the program lasts 2 years) :

Fees 2022, per year

8 800€

CVEC "National contribution to Student life & Campus" (93 €/year 20-21 rate)


Cost for participation to ESA Campus life (100 €/year 20-21 rate)


"Work accident insurance" : 103 €/year (20-21 rate)


ATTENTION: 30 000€ is the total amount of the program for the 2 years including tuition fees, life expenses (housing and food), travels between countries, insurance, mobile phone etc... 

No Erasmus Mundus scholarship for 2021. Students can apply for scholarships in their home country through CAMPUS FRANCE :