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MSc Food Identity : Master International Food Identity, Full time

MSc Food Identity

MSc Food Identity : traditional food products, 2 years, full time, a European track

Become an expert in the development of local and traditional food products

The MSc programme combined scientific and technical knowledge and field experience. It provides an in-depth knowledge for traditional and local production.

By offering opportunities to carry out study periods and work experience abroad, thus contributing to a comprehensive approach to the marketing process ‘from production to markets’, the master’s degree courses satisfies all the requirements for a successful future career.

Beyond the typical food products, similar groups of food products exist in European countries, each distinct to its country of origin, and called by different names:
local food products, regional food products, traditional food products or terroir food products.


Master FOOD IDENTITY website 
Short information here
Prezi here
Brochure cohort 7 (2015-2017): 

 Who can apply?

  • Students gratuated with a Bachelor Degree in Food Sciences, Agribusiness, Life Science or Agriculture (or equivalent diploma)
  • English : B1 or a Bachelor Degree taught in English. For English native speakers, no certificate needed
  • French : B1
  • To prove interest in the traditional food products (career path related to food).

Selection process:

1st step : examination of only fully completed application forms (early FEBRUARY 2018)
2nd step : Skype interviews (30-45 mn) with the head of the FOOD IDENTITY Master for pre-selected candidates (FEBRUARY)
3rd step : ESA Commitee decides the admission of candidates (early MARCH)
4th step : Admission letters (mid-MARCH)

ESA supports students with visa process, accomodation, admin and arrival. 

Tuition fees:

- for European students: 4 800€/year + insurance costs (approximately 150€) - NOT INCLUDED: everyday life costs
- for Non-European students: 8 800€/year + insurance costs (approximately 150€) - NOT INCLUDED: everyday life costs

 No Erasmus Mundus scholarship for 2018. Students can apply for scholarships in their home country through CAMPUS FRANCE :