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    OnLine Application Groupe ESA Angers - France

On OLAGE, we ask applicants to write a covering letter (or a "cover letter") for the chosen program.

There are different names of what we expect the applicants to write: a motivation letter, or statement of purpose, or application letter.


A motivational letter (or cover letter) is a letter in which you describe your current background, your career plans and how the ESA expected program will help you in achieving your professional projects and goal.

You can explain your motivations and reasons for applying in accordance with this program and the skills you already have.

ADDRESSED TO? Your motivation letter can be addressed to the "Responsible of the Program" you are applying for.

IN WHICH LANGUAGE? This letter can be written in English or in French, in the language which is the most convenient for you to express yourself.

TEMPLATES: Sample on Internet, here.

LENGHT: In 1 page or 2 pages maximum.

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