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    OnLine Application Groupe ESA Angers - France

We remind you that you are responsible for making sure that the reference letter is uploaded by your Referee.

The email sent by the OLAGE system to your referee asking him/her to provide a letter of reference may arrive into his/her spam box.

Please make sure that he/she has received the email properly.

After checking, if the referees have not received the automatic email from OLAGE, applicants can download the letter from the link below and

ask her/him to fill up this sample.

He/she can scan it with the signature and stamp/seal of the University (or Company) and he/she can send it in one pdf file (under 2 MO) to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :

We remind you that two reference letters are expected :

- the first reference letter filled by the former or current professor at University who can assess applicant's academic performance

- the second letter from an another professor or your boss if you work in a Company.

At the university, the referee can be a professor or associate professor or lecturer or thesis supervisor.

Thanks innocent