• OnLine Application Groupe ESA Angers - France
    OnLine Application Groupe ESA Angers - France

Deadline are different according to the countries, process may change for this program due to company needs and schedules.

Here is the classical admission process for the Master's Degree by sandwich course (half time at school - half time in a French firm) :

  • You have to submit your application file on OLAGE and provide the requested documents at the dealine mentioned according to your nationality.
  • In case your file is positively considered by the Committee, you will be invited for a selection interview with a member of the ESA international team in your country or via skype. The interviewer will contact you directly.
  • If you pass this first interview, you will be invited for the second step of the selection process which consists in a meeting with the French company in your country. The interviewer will let you know about that second step.
  • Once the decision is taken by the French sponsoring company, you will be informed of the position of your application.
  • If you are accepted for the I²FA program (Master's degree-sandwich course), you will receive a letter of acceptation and certificate of enrollment, giving you all the necessary details for your arrival to Angers.
  • Students who are fluent in French will be asked to arrive mid-August 2020 to Angers for a session of integration including academic and administrative information
  • Students who need to attend an Intensive French course will be asked to arrive by February-March 2020 and have French lessons until the beginning of the Master course (mid-August 2020).
  • The Master course at ESA starts 17 August 2020 for all accepted students and the first four weeks are devoted to a special refreshing session with mathematics and statistics courses

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